Rental Cottage on the Trent-Severn Waterway at Buckhorn, Ontario.

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Our current rate is CDN $1250.00 per week, Sunday to Sunday. Please use the online reservation system to initiate your reservation.


  1. Once you've selected dates and provided contact details, our secure payment partner, Planyo, requires a non-refundable Euro 1.00 payment to initiate an on-line reservation. Please note that this payment DOES NOT complete the reservation process. You will receive an email “WorldPay CARD transaction Confirmation” confirming your Euro 1.00 payment to “Xtreeme GmbH” (Planyo).
  2. You will also receive an email from Planyo stating that your reservation is confirmed. A reservation number will be provided.
  3. Once Planyo sends us your reservation number, we will contact you via email with a rental agreement. You must sign and return this agreement, along with a deposit of $500/week in order for us to give final confirmation of your reservation. Your reservation will be held for seven days from the date indicated on your agreement.
  4. Your reservation is not considered final until we have received your signed rental agreement AND cleared your deposit, whether by cheque or e-transfer.

PAYMENT: Your full payment of is due two weeks prior to your rental period, to be paid by email money transfer or cheque. Upon receipt you will be provided with an information package, and instructions for retrieving keys.

DEPOSIT: Once you check in to the cottage your Reservation Deposit becomes a Damage Deposit. Your Damage Deposit will be returned to you within 14 days of the end of your rental period, provided that:

• All debris, rubbish and recycling has been placed outside in the appropriate containers

• All dishes are clean, and put away

• The cottage has been cleaned/swept

• All charges accrued during your stay are paid prior to departure

• No contents of the cottage, boathouse or surrounding property are lost or damaged

• The cottage has been locked, and all keys have been left in the lock box

If these conditions are not met, you will forfeit your Damage Deposit.

Please initiate your reservation by clicking the “Make reservation” button below!